Welcome to Kintore

Along this residential street in Cathays, Cardiff stands the house Kintore.

The Kintore house share was begun with three youthful founder members in August 2007.




(presenting her extended family)

(hiding between the plants)

(starting a new change in life)

A few weeks later and Dai joined the happy group.

Alec introduces his 2 sons, George & Rees

Christmas Dinner Day video 1

A cleaning notice is drawn up

Cleaning notice


And a (wireless) LAN with internet connection is put in place



  New Years Day Celebrations

video 2     video 3     video 4


A quick exit from the Noodle Bar on Albany Road


Chinese is being served  video 5


Roath Park Lake





Tree surgeons at work

The gardener at work - new potatoes

What one can make out of 2 pallets and a builders sand bag

Roath Park lake floods over


An italian evening with Barbara

Kitchen duties




Kintore Christmas Tree


Meirion making a meal of it


Alec's & Li's chinese leaving meal (May 10)


The lads move in  .  .   .


Jake (England)

Dave (Scotland)

Meirion (Wales)


and mother is missing

Dave doing stand up

Jake & Jaydan

Garden from above

Sang from Korea with the 'Cookoo' & bag of rice
Football, football and more football.


All meet up again (31 March)




Carl the student  (Korea)

Rufo the sandwich artist (Spain)

& István the brewer (Hungary)


4 ladies in a row try and leave.


Seb: 1 day work, 6 days rest (Penarth)

Charles the ceramicist (France)

& Ed the teacher come barista (Hungary)






  Eckenheimer Schulstr. 6  

73 Claude Rd